Boatswain’s Locker’s standard enclosures are attached to bimini and sport tops with zippers; attached to hard tops with tracks; and attached to windshields and boat hulls with various types of fasteners. Made with 40-gauge Strataglass on larger boats and 30-gauge Strataglass on smaller boats, the enclosures are all skirted to match the rest of the canvas.

Enclosure Options
You have the option of using different ‘glass’, such as 30-gauge extruded, 40- or 60-gauge Strataglass, or 60-gauge Makrolon AR Polycarbonate, in order to best fit your individual needs. On smaller boats you may choose a window in the back curtain to increase visibility. Or, for a larger boat you may want a center forward slider, or u-zips, which allow the curtains to be opened without unfastening hardware, or you might want to add u-zip screens.

Whatever you want, Boatswain’s Locker can design your enclosure.  Just ask us