Covers, Covers and more covers! For your boat, your console, your tires and everything from Bow to Stern. These products are custom made and only available to customers in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Boat Cover Design

Our custom boat covers are specially designed for use during both trailering and mooring. There are two systems to ensure the cover stay secure on the boat. First, a 5” skirt passes the rub rail and has a combination nylon rope and shock cord assembly incorporated in to the cover to pull it tight for a secure fit or released for easy removal. Secondly, a rope is knotted along grommets in the skirt to be used to tie the cover to a trailer so no extra hardware is needed. These ropes act as the tie downs.

Boat Cover Construction
All covers include wear patches in all stressed areas, such as windshield areas and cleats, and are vented to allow the heat to escape. A mooring pole is included in some styles in order to keep water from collecting.

The following are suggested fabric options for your custom boat cover:

• Aqualon®
• Single or Double Coated Stamoid
• Sunbrella®

Boatswain’s Locker can help you decide on the right fabric for your boat cover or even send you samples. Just ask us or email

Tonneau Covers
Tonneau Covers snap to the windshield and around the cockpit area of the boat to protect your boat interior from the elements and keep your valuables out of sight while stored or docked. Standard covers are vented near the windshield to allow heat to escape and include wear patches in all stress areas.

Select a tonneau cover that goes ‘to the edge’ of the windshield, or one that goes ‘over the top’ of the windshield.

Whatever cover you need, Boatswain’s can deliver. Just ask us or email

Miscellaneous Covers
No cover is too small. We can supply any from the list below, and probably any others that you could need:

Spare Tire Covers
Center Console Covers
Winch Covers
Cockpit Covers
Bow Covers
Rail Covers
Sail Covers

Whatever cover you need, Boatswain’s can deliver. Just ask us or email